Bibs Collection

Dear runners friends and accompanists, we have the pleasure to introduce you the village Trail Expo.

The expo will have a number of exhibitions dedicated to running in a friendly environment. Numerous displays will keep you entertained.

Race number will be delivered to the runner only for complete file i.e. payment and valid medical certificate included.

For the ones who want to collect the race number from another one
A copy of the national identity card and a copy of the medical certificate (if it would not have been provided yet before) will be required to collect the race number on the Expo.


Cannes, Esplanade des Alliés, behind the Palais des festivals

Opening schedules

  • Saturday, 25th January : From 10 AM until 7 PM
  • Sunday, 26th January : From 6.30 AM

Be careful : None race number will send by ordinary mail.

Deposit area

A deposit service will allow you to drop off your gear check.

Opening at 6.30 am.

Azur Sport Organisation
Azur Sport Organisation
Azur Sport Organisation